I’m portrait artist based on the south coast of England in an area full of a lot of creativity which has always reminded me of why i love Art. Drawing is something I’ve always very proudly had a knack for but it’s only over the last few years that I’ve really wanted focus on it more.

My favourite medium is Graphite and Charcoal. I’ve always loved the texture and affect these mediums produce on paper, graphite with its smooth more gentle qualities, combined with the strong depths of charcoal. Drawing to me is relaxing (goes perfectly with a cup of tea to!), but i always try to bring a challenge to every project to help me improve, more importantly, i like to engage and learn about the subject so i can capture their essence and emotion for an effective end piece.

Hyper realism is a particular type of portraiture that i love as it pushes the boundaries with what can be accomplished with pencil on paper, especially with all the techniques artist use.

I typically draw on paper size roughly A3 and A2, but you’ll also find me doing sketches in my small moleskin notebook!